Pokémon Brand Store Tiles

Wayfinding Tiles

Worked with the retail marketing team at The Pokémon Company International to create seasonal brand store tiles and wayfinding blocks to encourage category-specific browsing, utilizing existing character art and creating on-brand background graphics to add excitement to the page.

Detective Pikachu Tiles

Developed seasonal tiles specific to the characters and movie graphics of Detective Pikachu, with the challenge of not being able to use actual movie graphics or elements from the branded style guide.

Sun and Moon 12 Tiles

Designed seasonal tiles to celebrate the release of the latest card expansion, using sporty imagery to promote tag teams of popular characters within the trading card game.

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Hi! I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, and cartoonist based in Seattle, WA. Currently I am an in-house graphic designer for The Pokémon Company International. Here’s some of the clients I’ve worked with in the past for design and illustration work:
The Stranger
City Arts Magazine
California Sunday Magazine
School of Doodle
Refinery 29
Short Run
Julep Beauty
Savvy Magazine
Pop-Up Magazine

I’m open for freelance, don’t be shy!

EMAIL: littlepencilcolors@gmail.com
INSTAGRAM: @itselainelin